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The Sexiest Swimsuit For Your Body Type

The Sexiest Swimsuit For Your Body Type

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Summer is the best time of the year, right?

The weather gets warmer and clothes more…minimal, let’s say! Before we start talking about bikini shapes, we need to agree on something: summer is for EVERYBODY and so is that beautiful beach waiting for you. 

A bikini body is not a thing; if you want to wear a bikini, the only thing you need is...

  1.    A body (you’ve got that)
  2.    A bikini (we are about to sort this out for you)

Don’t let the best moments of your life pass you by while you wait to get into a certain shape to start enjoying your life. Truth is, everybody has flaws, and the only ones who obsess over them are ourselves.

When designing the SixtyNinety swimwear collection, I was clear that shopping for a bikini can be a frustrating task. Sometimes a bikini has a perfect top, but a bottom that doesn’t suit your frame, or vice-versa. First problem solved; we made everything mixed in size and matched in design. You can be a size L bottom and size S top, and there will be a shape to fit your body type.

The second problem is: elastic bands! Why? We don’t need them. They mark in weird places, are uncomfortable, and are not flattering to any frame. The response to that is: SEAMLESS. Fully lined swimwear that fits just like your favourite underwear.  Speaking from a personal experience, once you go for seamless bikinis, you are unlikely to want to wear anything else.

Let’s talk about shape; we all come in a different one, and that is beautiful…


Larger hips and tights with a smaller upper body. Think of Jenifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

You’ve already got the curves and, in that case, less is more. Bikini bottoms that are simply cut and bikini tops can be the focal point.

Mojito bottom: seamless, and if you wear it high rise (in true 80s style) it will make your legs look longer.

Tequila bottom: if you are heavier on the bottom, perhaps you want something with more coverage. This seamless option is perfect if you want a bit more support.

Martini top: it can be worn in three different ways, and the strappy detail will highlight your upper body.

Caipirinha top: with removable padding, this minimal top gives you support while adding to that chic look.


You carry your weight most in the middle. 

If you don’t feel comfortable having your tummy out, this is not a problem. A one-piece swimsuit is the ultimate item for summer for you. They are sexy and chic, and super comfortable.

Absinthe one piece: no elastic bands, fully lined and all the attention goes into that deep scoop neck.

Margarita one piece: if you want to cover more, this is the one for you. It has a high neck and beautiful back detail. 


Athletic build: smaller hips, less curvy. Think Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton.

Go for more ruffled and strappy items, these will accentuate to your body curves.

Rum top: removable padding. That Brazilian style. 


Cosmopolitan bottom: the push-up effect will make this one of your most-loved items.

Sex on the Beach: the strappy detail will highlight your waist area.

Bellini bottom: bring on the curves!


Curvy: Full hips and full breast. You got it all. Think Kim Kardashian.

Simple shapes will show off all of that natural BOOM.

Mojito Bottom: Simply perfect!

Tequila Bottom: Straight lines, fully lined. 

Caipirinha Top: With adjustable back and removable padding. 

Now go and enjoy that beach, girl!

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