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It’s Monday morning and you’re glancing at the white light coming from your phone with one eye open, trying to come to terms with life as an adult. You open your Instagram and your feed is filled with porridge, protein shakes and toned abs pics, right? Posts from a tribe of people that woke up at 5:30H and who, before you’ve had your first flat-white Americano, have done a full leg day session at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Fit folks – it just seems like they have got everything under control. But here are some ‘peculiar’ truths about the gym life nobody talks or post about …


1 – Egg whites: the number one protein choice of anyone trying to build lean muscle mass. We all know that dude who eats 10+ egg whites a day and looks like he/she is built out of marble stone.

Fail: gas! A lot of gas … This is a collateral effect, especially if you’re new to this type of diet. It will happen, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Better start practising that poker face.


2 – The camel toe: that unflattering look we all want to avoid. It’s also very uncomfortable when it happens, and the only way to avoid it is to find the perfect chemistry between your leggings and the correct underwear.

Tips: choose leggings with double lining, such as the Kendall Leggings. Seamless or laser cut underwear is the best option to avoid unwanted marks.


3 – Sharing the machine: nothing better than sharing a leg press machine with that guy who sweats like he’s the only one working out in a sauna. Right? But hey, this is part of the gym life. Better not to get too picky about germs. Think about sharing as a spiritual evolution exercise, OM …


4 – The talker: normally, headphones on means, ‘hey, trying to do my workout here, talk later!’ But there is one guy (and one in every gym floor) who doesn’t get it. We call him the talker. He will stop you for a chat about the weather while you’re HIIT running on a treadmill, and, even if you don’t want to, you’ll end up stopping and talking to him out of pure politeness.

Tip: don’t be that person. Only stop someone running on a treadmill if you need them to help you put a fire out!



5 – What is that smell?

When you’re really proud of your meal prep but you realise the world does not share your love for canned tuna and boiled eggs.

Fail: once, on the tube (subway – American friends), commuting on my way to work, my beautifully packed tuna quinoa lunch opened inside my backpack and started dripping. The smell was so vile that it took me a minute to realise it was actually coming from me. The looks I received that day made me quit my tuna frenzy for a good while. 

We would love to hear your #Fail fit life stories. So leave your best one in the comments below.

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