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Did you know that a regular Lycra apparel takes decades to decompose?

Yes, that's right, DECADES!

Anyways, this is not the case for us. Our swimwear is made with high tech "Fluity CO2" fabric which is produced with Amni Soul Eco.
Amni Soul Eco is the first biodegradable synthetic yarn in the world. It has been developed by Rhodia and has an improved formulation that allows a rapid decomposition. Indeed, once the fabric arrives on a landfill, it is completely decomposed in only 3 years.

Fluity CO2 is not only eco-friendly but also incredibly soft on the skin, durable and easy to wash. What else could we ask for?!

Where are our products coming from?

All SixtyNinety products are 100% made in Brazil.

Everything comes from a small family-run factory where 90% of workers are women.

We are fundamentally against any inhuman labour conditions.

Everyone who works for SixtyNinety receive a fair wage and work regular hours under safe conditions.

We are proud to say that our production is 100% completed based on socially responsible practices

How do we distribute?


Items are brought to the UK and shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Milton Keynes.

Are you looking for an amazing look, comfort and durability? SixtyNinety is the answer. Our products are known for being of exceptional quality and able to contour and enhance the body’s curves. 

Our packing is mostly made with recycled material, like our 100% recycled polybags. 

SixtyNinety team is always looking for new ways to make the business sustainable and help ethical business – like us – to grow.

If not now, when?

Who are we?

SixtyNinety is a company run by women for women.

We want to create and develop a community of empowered women that pursue a healthy and balanced life.

We believe in 3 main principles: fairness, quality and empowerment.
FAIRNESS: Our products are made according to Fair-Trade guidelines.
EMPOWERMENT: We are a brand constantly focused on motivating women to reach their goals. 
QUALITY:  We constantly monitor our products to assure high quality standards are met. 

Is there something more perfect than this?

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