1 You miss less days. 

Having a lazy day? Sleepy? Would prefer to be home watching a movie or playing video game? Some times is hard to feel motivated for the gym. Knowing your working out partner depends on you makes you think twice before giving up your session. 

2 Time passes faster 

Not everyone has the patient or enjoy to be in a treadmill for 1 hour. Having your partner next to you gives a chance of a little chitchat while you exercise. 

Of course you need to focus, talking too much can become a distraction. But a little conversation in between exercises never kill nobody. And will help you not to think about the time. 


3 The idea that you are not alone

The idea that you are not alone is comforting. We like to know other people are going through the same things. Training, dieting, suffering (or enjoying). Also, we are competitive by nature, having some one training with you will motivate you to reach your limits, to give the best of you. You dont want to embarrass yourself. 


4 Your partner will help you when you are ready to give up

Who never had those days that you only do 8 instead of 10 repetitions? Days that you dont feel like challenging yourself. Having a partner will help you to make through all the way. You will motivate your partner and your partner will motivate you. And you know what? Those last two repetitions that you were ready to give up, are the ones that will make a difference in the end. 


5 Save some money 

To have a personal trainer is amazing, but can cost a lot. Of course it is not the same as having a professional with you all the time. But having a partner you will get many of the benefits of having a personal. You will motivate each other, will help with the exercises, will help with the machines, will make sure the intervals are correct and will distract you making the session less boring. 

We love to workout together. Not everyone is the same, some people enjoy the time alone at the gym. To think and meditate while workout. Is almost a therapy. We like that too. Just not every day. So let's grab our partner and go train hard! No excuses! they are counting on you ;)