So you wake up in the morning to the buzz of your phone. You scroll through the screen to check the weather and then you attach your phone you’ve named Siri to your arm and turn on the pedometer. You then put on your earplugs and Spotify your way to the park. Time is up – Siri says you need to get on schedule. You jog back home and check what is on your virtual menu. Siri says no carbs today so you skip your cereals. You change into your office clothes and then check Google Maps for the best route today.

For a person who ultimately hated your Mom for meddling with your clothes you’ve practically handed over your whole life to your mobile phone! Your all-slim “baby” has been running the show for a while now…

You allow it to control your schedule and  promptly respond to its constantly call for attention. Sounds dramatic? Research shows that in Britain we spend over 4H a day on our phones that equals to 56 full days a year!

So why are you so addicted to your smartphone?        

“Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral. – Melvin Kranzberg

It knows everything about us… It knows what you did last summer and what you will do the following summer. It is privy to all your plans. Your phone knows your movements and what you like best. Oh look at that! It is giving you notifications about the closes restaurant when you just viewed a pizza ad for a few seconds. It even knows when you are hungry!

It keeps us informed and connected to the world. Our phone keeps us connected to the latest news even when we close our eyes. Our phone stays up to keep up with events. You wake up and your Facebook and other social media apps have a treasure trove of fun and updated information. It is like keeping all your fun people in one place that you can access and reach out to whenever the needy feelings for validation arise.

Thoughts to Ponder

Your phone had you at hello. Technology will always be there beeping and buzzing with all its mechanic beeps and blinks. It will not judge and will keep silent and it might even outlive us all. It feeds on electricity and lithium battery while our souls feed on companionship and our life-force unfortunately is not as easily gained back by a reboot. Time marches on while we are hooked on our earplugs and just like your technology – time doesn’t care if we squander it away while we are hooked on the sounds and visuals of our smartphones.

In today’s society it may be impossible to really disconnect – but from time to time we should all remember to unplug and live the moment in the ‘real world’

 - Get out of the four corners of your screen -